Industrial Automation

We are a full service engineering company that specializes in the design, build, and controls programming of turn-key custom automation solutions designed to precisely meet each customer’s specifications and needs. The full service capabilities at WorldAhead Business Solutions translate into higher productivity, accuracy, and quality. Our custom automation solutions focus on each client’s complexities in order to meet and often exceed their exact production requirements. Each automated solution is designed to automate repetitive processes.

Whether its control faults, drive faults, drive optimization, encoder faults, PLC faults, machine alignments and adjustments, decommissioning and recommissioning; Machine breakdowns take priority, we know that a down machine costs our customers money.Get your money’s worth— depend on WorldAhead’s unique expertise with best-in-class analysis, design, manufacturing, and installation of industrial automation equipment. We integrate lean principles to efficiently manage every level of your manufacturing process. No matter how complex your project, we’re up to the challenge to design a customized solution that exactly meets your needs.

Our success is our learning model which is intense, interactive and engaging for executives and our innovative thinking is also reflected in the way we facilitate